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Have you registered for a past event?
If you have previously registered with us and your email is in our system, you will receive a notification. If you remember the password previously used to register you can simply enter it to prefill registration information for time savings. If you do not remember the password, no problem, you have the capability to reset it. Follow prompts.

Please note Registration Fees and Dates

Early Registration $425.00 (March 8-July 14, 2022)

Late Registration $450.00 (July 15-Aug. 12, 2022)

On-Site Registration $495.00 (Aug 13-18, 2022)

GROUP Registrations:
One person is able to register for a GROUP or register multiple people from one department. Please follow prompt guides at the end of the first registration by clicking: (Add Another Person)

Crear una contraseña le permite iniciar sesión de nuevo en modificar su registro, y acelera su próximo registro.